Our Social Purpose

Caring for our internal teams, those within the communities where we live, work and play, and our environment, has always been a part of the collective DNA throughout our family of companies. In 2018 we gave it a name — Social Purpose — and launched the #FirstServeOthers hashtag as a way to share our stories and inspire others to engage Social Purpose activities.

At FirstService, our Social Purpose is defined by our desire to do good while doing good work. We focus our efforts within three key pillars:

Our People

  • Our reputation we have as a great place to work/employer of choice
  • Our programs we provide to support each other
  • Our shared commitment to support diversity and inclusion

Our Community

  • Our geographic service areas
  • Our respect for the places our people live, work and play
  • Our support for causes in our communities

Our Environment

  • Our focus on running sustainable operations
  • Our desire to educate our stakeholders
  • Our products and services provided to customers

Through purposeful policies, thoughtful programs and company initiatives, we make meaningful impacts in each of these areas as part of our mission to #FirstServeOthers. When we #FirstServeOthers through our Social Purpose activities, we fulfill the deepest value held within FirstService.