2022 Year End Message

2022 marked the 5th year of our Social Purpose initiative, which we launched to create greater awareness and visibility of all the many meaningful ways our teams give back.

The past five years have brought with them their share of challenges; from natural disasters impacting some of our teams, to the COVID pandemic which impacted us all, one thing has remained steadfast – our ability to adapt and find new ways to make a difference for Our People, Our Community and Our Environment.

Through the generous donations of our team members and countless acts of service, we have raised awareness and funding for important causes, beautified our communities, and even donated lifesaving blood. These efforts, and so many more, are a testament to the enduring spirit of compassion that runs through our organization.

Our work is far from finished and we have exciting plans for the future. Together we have the power to make a real and lasting impact on the world around us. Let’s continue to #FirstServeOthers with passion and purpose.

In the video below we hear from some of our leaders what Social Purpose has meant to them and their teams.

Scott Patterson
Chief Executive Officer