#FirstServeOthers – a win-win

Paul Davis Restoration volunteers partner with Habijax, a Habitat for Humanity affiliate, to help prepare a home for a deserving young man

Getting involved in community events is not only a great way to give back to your community, it’s also great for your personal well-being. Sure, helping those in need provides a sense of purpose and helps you strengthen your compassion for others, but it goes deeper than that. Studies have shown people who volunteer reap numerous positive health benefits as well.  Did you know volunteering can help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, increase your self confidence, combat depression and help you stay physically healthy? It’s also a great way to explore your interests, strengthen and develop skills and learn something new. Talk to your colleagues who have participated in community events and they will likely tell you the same thing. So, how can you get started? There’s an easy way to locate community events near you: Simply access the Calendar on purpose.firstservice.com (or your own company’s site if you have a calendar) and look for the “NARROW YOUR RESULTS” area. Here you’ll see several drop-down menus.  The easiest ways to search for events near you are to use the City or State/Province filters.         Don’t feel limited to only participating in events your particular company is supporting. Attending or volunteering at events organized by other FirstService companies is a wonderful way to network, support great causes and make new friends! As our Calendar continues to grow, we will be encouraging our event organizers to incorporate tags into their listings. This will help colleagues locate events of interest to them while helping organizers achieve their goals. For example, for  events in need of volunteer support, event organizers should add the “volunteer” tag to their event listing. In cases where they are looking for people to come out and support the event, then “joinus” would be a good tag to use. When you do find an event you’d like to participate in, feel free to share photos and videos from the event on your social media accounts using our #FirstServeOthers hashtag! We welcome your feedback on things we can do to make it easier for you to participate in our Social Purpose program. Please feel free to email socialpurpose@firstservice.com with any thoughts or ideas you have, or if you’d like to share feedback on how our Social Purpose initiative has enriched your life. Download PDF  
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