Clean It Up BBQ & Bingo

The TLS team chose to celebrate the Environment pillar for our July Summer of Service initiative with a “hybrid” BBQ and community cleanup of downtown London, ON held July 27.

It was important to involve our MomentMakers® colleagues who work remotely, so for the BBQ, we provided lunch delivery for those attending remotely while our in-house chef, Steph Thomson, fired up the grill with burgers for those who attended in-person!

TLS Bingo Card

For the “Clean It Up Bingo” team challenge, we formed hybrid groups of in-person and remote attendees where each group had a Bingo Card of garbage items to search for and dispose of. When the cleanup was over, we had collectively found over 70 unique items not included on the cards, the craziest of which was a dozen of eggs still in their carton!

Overall, we spent 4 ½ hours scouring for garbage from New Brunswick to Alberta and everywhere in between to clean up our communities. And I’m thrilled to say our remote colleagues felt as though they were right next to us in this effort, as evidenced by this note from one of our MomentMakers®:

“Thank you so much for your help in creating the awesome event. My kids felt good to help out the community and we even had someone comment `great job, guys!’ while we were out picking up litter. It was awesome to see team faces on our video call.”