Gwinnett County Crooked Creek Resource Facility Clean Up

Floor Coverings International Clean Up crewOn Tuesday, July 26, several FCI employees participated in a stream cleanup at the Gwinnett County Crooked Creek Resource Facility located less than 2 miles from our offices in Norcross.

We collected 250 lbs. of garbage from the creek, including several tires and some interesting personal items that collects along the stream from road run-off located behind the Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

Floor Coverings International team members rescue a turtleWe also found a box turtle that had wandered out of its natural habitat that we re-positioned in a better spot.

Participating in the clean up were Bruce Kolbinsky, Lee Smith, Karen Wilkins, Savanna Galloway and myself- Sean ORourke.

A conventional activated sludge plant, the Crooked Creek WRF uses a biological process to treat wastewater and ultraviolet rays (UV) to disinfect it before releasing the effluent (cleaned wastewater) to the Chattahoochee River. In 2017, the Crooked Creek WRF was selected as a Peak Performance Honoree by the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. The facility also won Plant of the Year in 2018.

Floor Coverings International Clean uupWhile continuing to operate and serve the community, the Crooked Creek WRF is currently undergoing a $136 million renovation project to modernize the facility and increase its safety, efficiency, and reliability. They are upgrading the electrical and computer systems, odor control systems, biological reactor basins, solids handling, UV system, and clarifiers. These enhancements will improve environmental protection, odor control, and noise control. Once upgrades are completed, the Crooked Creek WRF will reflect the high standards that the Department of Water Resources is known for, providing both better and more reliable treatment for the county even under the most challenging conditions.

Submitted by: Sean O’Rourke, National Director of Merchandising