Jacksonville Humane Society Animal Shelter

Paul Davis supported the Jacksonville Humane Society with both donations and volunteerism this July. Between our Corporate Home Office and Paul Davis Restoration of North Florida, we supported the Jacksonville Humane Society with almost 30 hours of dog walking, which provides a critical service to the animals and allows for improved health and enrichment while they are awaiting adoption.

“The center works entirely from donations and volunteers, and our hardy team of dog walkers who braved the hot and humid mornings included Angela Scott, Anna Schilling, Caroline Cundiff, Justin Erickson, Kali Freeland, Kenneth Barkley, Melba Williams, Randall Minor, Reana King, Reshma Chattopadhyay, and me.   In addition, generous donations from Angelique Goodwin, Anita Thomson, Brittany Farrell and her son Austin, Benjamin Etheridge, Ginella Diaz, Kali Freeland, and Peg Reinhart provided much needed resources for the Humane Society’s animals.” – Leanne Etheridge
“The team in Jacksonville committed two mornings to walking dogs at the Jacksonville Humane Society animal shelter. The shelter is supported largely by volunteers and the quality of life of the animals there is heavily impacted by this work. It was gratifying to spend time with these precious animals. The volunteers got plenty of steps and the good feeling of helping so many pups!” – Kali Freeland

Submitted by: Leanne Etheridge, Assistant Vice President of Quality Assurance and Kali Freeland, Director of Talent and Strategic Change