Things to Do on Your Summer of Service: September

Not sure what to do this month for Summer of Service? Well, September IS Cleanup Month. Click on the VolunteerHub button to check if some of these cleanup activities are right for you.

o Century Fire Clean Up Day | September 16| Duluth, Georgia 

o Fort Lauderdale Beach Cleanup | September 17 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

o Trash Cleanup | Through Sept. 17 | Everywhere

And if you’re not really down on cleanups, still check out VolunteerHub for other events and activities of service.

If you can’t make it to these cleanup events, why not help organize a…

Campus Cleanup!

Keep it clean this school year!

A school or campus cleanup may be just what your local school needs to start the year off right! Keeping schools clean is important for the health and wellbeing of students and teachers – and you can help! Organize a trash pick-up day at a local elementary school or grab a few friends and clean up the high school football field after a game. Get in touch with a school official to see how you can lend a helping hand to clean up a nearby campus.

Looking for ideas on how to organize your own cleanup activity? Be sure to consult our Cleanup Toolkit! Turn any cleanup activity into a fun challenge with a Scavenger Hunt or by playing a friendly game of Cleanup Bingo!