Team Engagement Surveys


While we continuously encourage open and candid feedback, our employee engagement programs utilize the Net Promoter System TM (“NPS”) methodology to provide our people with a tool to help share their thoughts and ideas anonymously.

These programs run in many different shapes and sizes across our companies and brands, however the rigour and disciplines remains consistently high.

  • The “Outer Loop – how employee feedback feeds larger initiatives” is the process for reviewing key trends and themes to inform senior leadership strategic priorities.

  • The “Inner Loop – turning employee feedback into action” is used to directly respond to employees who request contact, and serves as an idea generation engine for employee suggestions on how to improve employee and customer experience. These surveys are anonymous, unless the employee chooses to lift that veil of anonymity.

At FirstService, one of the most public and commonly used ways we bring the outer and inner loop together are through team “huddles.” Huddles take varying forms, but generally follow simple principles:

  • All employees are involved, usually in small groups
  • Colleague contributions and achievements are celebrated
  • Each brand or company follows a consistent day/time and overall approach

We want all of our team members to be proud to work with us and we strive to be an employer of choice and great place to work in the industries we serve. Utilizing team engagement surveys helps us continuously improve both our employee and customer experience.