How to Host a HHW Clean Up Event

Hosting a coordinated HHW clean up event for your team members is a great way to encourage safe disposal of potentially hazardous materials. If you’d like to host an event for your team members, the first step is locating HHW services in your area.

  1. Contact your local environmental, health, or solid waste agency to learn about permanent or periodic HHW collections near you. Some municipalities host HHW cleanups on a regular basis.
  2. Search for “household hazardous waste” near your zip code using your favorite search engine. This will help you find HHW locations in your area.
  3. Some of your HHW can be recycled. To find a location near you, the Earth 911 website allows you to search by type of material needing to be recycled and your location. 

You may also wish to check with your leasing agent or property manager to see if your commercial location has any receptacles in place such as boxes for battery recycling.

If your municipal waste management company is able to collect HHW from your location, here’s how to host an in-office clean up event:

  1. Confirm date and types of materials they will collect
  2. Determine whether they will provide a receptacle for collected items
  3. Communicate details to team members
  4.  Add event details to Volunteer Hub (email if you need help!)
  5. Photograph/record materials donated using Litterati or other tracking system
  6. Share results on social media using #FirstServeOthers hashtag

If your municipal waste management company is unable to collect HHW from your location, follow these steps to encourage team members to manage their own HHW clean up.

  1. Share information about HHW and why safe disposal is important with your team members
  2. Provide names and contact numbers for local municipal waste providers so they can make their own plans
  3. Consider hosting a contest where team members photograph their items before safely dispersing of them
  4. Encourage team members to share what they are doing on social media using the #FirstServeOthers hashtag
  Download the Toolkit hereHow to Host a Household Hazardous Waste Clean U[p Event