Paul Davis Helps Ukraine – and So Can You

Paul Davis Ukraine HelpThe Russian invasion of Ukraine has displaced millions of Ukrainians, creating a global humanitarian crisis. There are many ways to help those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. Paul Davis is helping by promoting several ways to help those impacted, including providing access to order much needed supplies through Amazon or to make a financial donation to the Red Cross or HUB Worldwide. Read on for other ways to help.

Helping Ukrainian Refugees

  • Donate to the Canadian Red Cross through Paul Davis’ page
  • This convenient Amazon wishlist enables you to provide much needed supplies that are delivered to Ukraine by a team of volunteers and logistics experts.
  • HUB Worldwide (HUB) helps improve health in under-resourced communities through distribution of medical supplies and equipment. The organization is collecting 1,000 first aid bags to deliver to Ukraine. 
  • Set up one time or recurring donations to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees site UNHCR Canada .
  • Another way to help is to offer housing. You may offer your space through or list whatever space you can share on Ukraine Take Shelter, an independent platform which matches refugees with those willing to provide shelter.

Helping Animals in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has displaced thousands of animals. International Fund for Animal Welfare has a history of working with animal shelters in Ukraine and is on the ground helping Ukrainian refugees keep and care for their pets.