CertaPro Leads Efforts to Support Veterans’ Mental Health Through Miles for Mental Health 5K Run/Walk

On April 28, hundreds of runners and walkers will join together to help raise funds for mental health services to support active duty military members, veterans and their families in the Miles for Mental Health 5K Run / Walk.

This year holds particular significance for lead sponsor and CertaPro Franchise Owner Chris Drucquer. Chris has played a pivotal role in bringing this race to the community and advocating for the needs of military personnel and veterans for several years. Despite its popularity as a spring activity, the run was paused during the Covid era, making this year’s event the first since the pandemic.

5Ks continue to be popular ways to raise awareness and funding for important causes, though organizing one can be a daunting task, with seemingly endless logistical considerations including location. The logistics involved are plentiful and careful coordination with municipalities is important to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Chris recognized his strengths lay in fundraising and participant recruitment after years of involvement in similar races. This year, he has collaborated with the Council for Relationships and Ardmore Rotary to organize the Miles for Mental Health event. Chris aims to secure $10,000 in sponsorship funds, with support from partner Sherwin-Williams, and to recruit 60 runners.

“Our veterans have sacrificed a lot for us, and it’s the least we can do,” Chris shared. “They have seen things they can’t unsee, and helping them and helping their families with therapy to get through that is important.” 

Giving back has always been a priority for Chris, and during his 33 years as a CertaPro franchisee (the longest tenured one in the organization!), he has spearheaded numerous initiatives to help those less fortunate. His advice to anyone who wants to create an impact in their community is to consider the time and effort involved in executing their plans. Easy initiatives, which require minimal time or effort, are things like coat drives, children’s book drives and food drives. These are not only simple for organizers to start, but they are also easy for people to support, as most of us have extra items we could donate. (For tips on how to launch a donation drive, check out our helpful Toolkit here:

As a father of four children, Chris has been guided by his desire to always set a positive example for his family and to make his children proud. He particularly enjoys having them join him in his community service activities. “One year when my children were young, we brought them to one of the 5K races we coordinated. I still remember one moment particularly well. When one of the veterans in attendance spoke about how much the event meant to him, I saw a glimmer in my childrens’ eyes, and knew they understood the importance of what we were doing that day.”

Chris finds fulfillment in his Social Purpose work, and believes it positively impacts both his business and the community. He’s excited to see people on his team who are also motivated to help veterans and have joined together to help find sponsors and recruit runners.

If you are in the Philly area and wish to join CertaPro and colleagues from other FirstService companies, check out race details here:

If you are unable to attend in person, you can still sign up, grab your friends and family to join you, and run or walk your own 5K in your area.