Spreading Love: A Valentine’s Day Donation Drive


This Valentine’s Day, the team at Planned Companies embarked on a mission to support the littlest members of their community. In collaboration with Expecting Relief, a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to providing essential resources to individuals and families, they organized a donation drive aimed at aiding expecting parents and children in need.

Selecting Expecting Relief as their partner for this endeavor was a decision rooted in the desire to make a meaningful impact. While they have supported lots of different charitable causes in the past, the opportunity to contribute specifically to an organization focused on infants was new to the group, and one that generated a lot of interest.

Thirty team members participated with the highlight of the event being a bear-stuffing activity held in their office.

Emily Villarroel, senior onboarding specialist, and Lisseth Montecinos, senior specialist, benefits and wellness, had the honor of delivering the donations directly to Expecting Relief’s location in Brooklyn.

Lisseth shared, “It was a great pleasure and privilege to come together as a company and give back to our community. We hope to play a part in changing people’s lives.” This sentiment encapsulates the spirit of this project and serves as a reminder of the profound impact collective action can have.

About Expecting Relief

Expecting Relief is dedicated to providing equitable access to food, essentials, and health through distribution, education, and advocacy. Their mission extends beyond providing immediate relief to addressing the root causes of poverty, with a focus on dismantling racial disparities and biases that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. By supporting Expecting Relief, we are not only providing vital resources but also contributing to a vision where all individuals can live with dignity and security.