A New Look at Daylight Hour

Daylight Hour looked a bit different this year. As many of you know, as an organization we have been involved in this global social media campaign since its inception in 2014. The purpose of Daylight Hour is to raise awareness of energy conservation and wellness in work spaces by encouraging people to turn the lights off for one hour, usually 12-1 pm local time. Many people find they don’t actually need light to perform their work and opt to adopt a lights-off policy as often as they can.

This year many of our team members are working remotely, so we asked those interested in signing up to do so via a short survey so we could track participation. We also asked them to share selfies or videos of their day-lit work spaces on social media using the tags #2020DaylightHour and #FirstServeOthers.

More than 136 of our team members participated, with over 412,000 square feet going “lights out” during Daylight Hour. Interestingly, we had an even split between home offices and office locations. Here are some of our teams members’ activities.