Shout Out for Hali Abner, Paul Davis Tri-State and Dayton, Ohio

Flower barI recently attended the Southwestern Ohio Fire Chief’s Administrative Assistants Network Luncheon. Hali Abner, from Paul Davis of the Tri-State and Dayton, Ohio area, which serves greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, organized the event. Hali conceived the idea as a way to honor and appreciate the hard-working Fire Chief’s Administrative Assistants across the region’s 60 departments.

The event was held in a barn at a beautiful flower farm called The Marmalade Lily. Hali did a fantastic job creating a lovely luncheon. Attendees were able to design their own floral arrangements at the flower bar, mingle and enjoy appetizers before sitting down to a wonderful lunch. These hard-working admins are the unsung heroes of the fire stations, wearing many different hats including HR, payroll and serve as their station’s “mom” or “dad.” Several of the Chiefs in attendance spoke about the contributions their admins have made to help them better support their community.

Submitted by: Jennifer Kennedy, FirstService Corporation, Director of Marketing & Communications