The FirstService Relief Fund Offers a Lifeline in Tough Times

The FirstService Relief Fund was created to provide support for our team members during times of unforeseen personal financial hardship. Eligible team members may apply for grants – not loans – ranging from $500-$3,000.

Two of the most common reasons team members apply for grants is when they are facing serious illnesses, or dealing with the death of a family member.
During the application process, applicants are asked if they are willing to share their story with us, and we are always so grateful to those who choose to.

We wanted to share a story from a recent Relief Fund grant recipient:

“I recently had to deal with an unexpected health issue that led to open-heart surgery, leaving me out of work with very limited income and no short-term disability coverage. Facing some hard times ahead, I applied for a grant from the FirstService Relief Fund. Thankfully, my application was approved, and the grant arrived just when I needed it most. It literally kept me fed and helped cover my bills. I’m so grateful to the FirstService Relief Fund for their support.

This was actually the second time I’ve received help from the fund. The first time was after my mother passed away. FirstService approved my grant then too, providing crucial assistance during another tough period in my life.

Both times, the application process was easy. A huge thank you to the FirstService Relief Fund for being there for me when I needed it