California Closets & CertaPro Help Complete Welcoming Space for Foster Kids

Entering foster care can be an incredibly challenging and bewildering experience for children. Often, it is marked by feelings of confusion, fear, and uncertainty. These young individuals are abruptly separated from their biological families, which can be emotionally traumatic, even if the circumstances at home were difficult. In many cases, children are held at Department of Children’s Services offices or in busy group homes until a foster placement can be arranged, which can be distressing for children.

Easing the transition for foster kids

Isaiah 117 House was created to help ease the difficult transition and provide a friendly, safe and welcoming space for children who are entering the foster care system due to abuse, neglect, or other challenging circumstances. The organization’s primary mission is to minimize the trauma and discomfort often experienced by children during the initial stages of entering foster care. Isaiah 117 Houses are warm, welcoming homes where children can be temporarily placed while awaiting placement with a foster family. Here they are provided clean clothes, comfy beds, toys, books and snuggly blankets, and cared for by loving volunteers who provide personalized care and warm meals.

Isaiah 117 House Marion County Program Coordinator Christy Krauss was inspired to reach out to FirstService after visiting our #FirstServeOthers Social Purpose website. She was quickly connected with franchisees from California Closets and CertaPro who were eager to help Isaiah 117 House put the finishing touches on their newly constructed children’s home.

“CertaPro came in after drywall and did a remarkable job with all of our paint needs. Their team was kind, thorough, and left the job clean each day! California Closets came in at the end of the project and were prepared with everything that needed to be done to finish our giving room,” said Christy. “Both companies played a huge role in creating a warm, pleasant environment that each guest who comes to the Isaiah 117 House will get to experience. We are blessed each day as a result of their generous time, materials, and effort to make a difference – to change the way foster care begins in their community!”

For California Closets, this project quickly became a labor of love. “When the opportunity to partner with the Isaiah 117 House in Indianapolis came about our team immediately knew it was the type of organization that we would want to support. The work that this team does in our city for children awaiting placement and supporting foster families is truly special. We were honored to play small part in the transformation of this home,” said Marcus Hall, President & Partner, California Closets Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington & Central Illinois.

JJ Darr, President CertaPro Painters of Indianapolis, added, “It was an incredible opportunity to learn more about the ministry they have and the impact they have in our community. We were beyond thrilled to donate the labor needed to help finish the space off. We also were able to partner with Sherwin Williams to have materials donated.”

Isaiah 117 House plays a vital role in improving the initial experiences of children entering foster care by offering a more compassionate and nurturing alternative to traditional intake procedures. This helps to reduce the trauma associated with these transitions. We are grateful for the support our California Closets and CertaPro franchisees provided, which will help Isaiah 117 House serve the needs of foster kids for many years to come.

About Isaiah 117 House

Isaiah 117 House has facilities in Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. If you would like to get involved, please visit for more information.

The Isaiah 117 House story is beautifully captured in this short video, which is worth a watch.