How To Donate

Why Donate to the FirstService Relief Fund

No one expects to fall on hard times. But if they do, the people of FirstService companies, FirstService subsidiaries and their franchises should know their FirstService family is here to support them. Caring for Our Own is the driving force behind the FirstService Relief Fund in the U.S. and Canada – which is built up by the people of FirstService for the people of FirstService.

Every dollar really counts

The FirstService Relief Fund relies on donations made by you and others across the FirstService family of companies, subsidiaries and franchises to award tax-free grants – not loans — that help eligible fellow team members who are facing financial struggles from unforeseen disaster or personal adversity.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, goes directly to the Relief Fund. And with more contributions come more opportunities to help team members struggling with hardships including, but not limited to:


Serious Illness, Injury 


Death of an employee or a family member 


Natural Disasters


Military service obligations


Victims of domestic violence or other crimes

Contributions are tax-deductible in the U.S. and eligible for tax credits in Canada.

Donating to the FirstService Relief Fund

No matter where you live, you can support colleagues in need by donating to the U.S. or Canada Relief Funds*.


The FirstService Relief Fund disburses assistance grants to those residing in the U.S.


FirstService Relief Fund Canada disburses assistance grants to those residing in Canada.

Donations can be:


On a one-time or recurring basis


In any amount and method you choose


Payroll Deduction (Preferred)


Credit/Debit Card


PayPal (U.S.-based donors only)


Text to Give (U.S.-based donors only)

*Relief Fund grants are managed and distributed by the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) – a  nonprofit administrator registered as a charitable organization in the U.S. and Canada.

To learn more about contributing to the FirstService Relief Fund in the U.S. and Canada, download the FAQs or contact the emergency Assistance Foundation support team.