Our Community

Our commitment to helping others runs deep throughout our organization and is a unifying philosophy for all of us. Each and every day, this commitment is reflected in how our team members are engaging with their local communities to assist those in need.

We work with a wide range of non-profit and community organizations in ways including

  • Creating awareness for important causes

  • Collecting items for the under-served through donation drives

  • Fundraising for disease research

  • Rolling up our sleeves and helping build or improve homes for those in need

  • Working with local animal shelters to help homeless pets find loving homes

Our dedication to Social Purpose is grassroots, and locally driven

Our local teams are choosing to support causes that are important to them.  Team members are invited to get involved – as little or as much as they want. As an organization with more than 27,000 individuals, the opportunity to positively impact our communities is significant.

To build awareness about local events and inspire our teams to get involved, we maintain a global calendar of events.  To date, we have organized and/or participated in more than 500 events – large and small. We encourage our people to participate in any events that resonate with them, regardless of whether they work for the organizing company.  This is a wonderful way for our employees to learn about other causes and also to engage with their fellow colleagues providing tremendous opportunities for networking, camaraderie and friendship.

We celebrate our success by sharing stories of ways we are doing good while doing good work.